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Several Orthodontist clinics in Glasgow is owned by George Campbell, who was born and raised in the city. During his dentistry training, he travelled the entire country, even joining the army and making the rank of Captain. And, thanks to the Dentistry Awards 2022, he has recently popped up as a name in the Dental world.

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Recognised is a website that is dedicated to the occupation. They release daily news stories, and coverage of the newest tech and products, and aid passionate students in receiving jobs and training. The site is considered the official online hub of all things Dentistry and is therefore an authority in the field. Every year they hold awards with clinics as contestants in different categories. George Campbell and his team entered this year’s competition.


George Campbell of Infinity Smiles was entered into three different awards this year, that being: 


  • Dentistry Awards 2022
  • Dentistry Scotland Awards 2022
  • Dental Industry Awards 2022


There was more contest this round than any other, as there were over a thousand entries, breaking the previous record. Nonetheless, Infinity Smiles was shortlisted after several delayed decisions. Now being amongst the finalists, they’re set to show up at The Athena in Leicester, where winners will be determined among the finalists.

All Awards

Dentistry Awards 2022

  • Best Patient Care


  • Best Practice


  • Best Practice Manager 


  • Best Team


  • Best Website

Dental Industry Awards 2022

  • Team of the Year 


  • Customer Service Providers of the Year


  • Business Leader of the Year


  • Outstanding Business of the Year

Dentistry Scotland Awards 2022

  • Best Adult Ortho


  • Best Digital Practice


  • Best Patient Care


  • Best Team

Thanks to Campbell’s success in creating Infinity Smiles, and his highly rated service to the communities of Glasgow, he’s being recognized on official platforms. His main service is Orthodontry, a cosmetic surgery that aligns teeth. It has been a growing industry mainly boosted by social media’s rise in usage. 

The following are some of the services that he provides.

George Campbell Orthodontist Selections

Infinity Smiles is home to some of the most premium Orthodontic treatments, complete with a specialist team you can trust. 

To get an idea of how far Orthodontia has come, let’s take a look at two of the more advanced products:

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are like ordinary metal braces, except the joints that hold it all together are fixed to the back of the teeth. This means that you can get the same benefit as traditional braces, but with the improved aesthetic of hiding the metal.


Alternatively, you can go for the ultimate Orthodontic product that combines effectiveness with comfort and convenience – Invisalign. It’s much like a mouthguard in that it’s a clear, transparent piece of plastic that slots over your teeth. It’s a highly comfortable alternative that doesn’t restrict what you can eat or if you can take them off or not.

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George Campbell Orthodontist